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"We are honored to partner with Sesame Workshop, one of the world's most innovative, venerable education organizations for nearly 50 years. "

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The Reach Capital Team

"We're excited to announce the launch of Reach Capital, an early stage education technology fund. Check out our blog for more information."

-The Reach Capital Team

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Enabling one-to-many

Differentiation is at the core of our Fund and underpins most of our investments. Teachers deserve the most cutting edge technology tools that manage varied content, assessment, and workflow. These tools enable a teacher to personalize learning in a one (teacher)-to-many (students) setting. Examples of differentiation tools include Newsela, Class Dojo, Socrative, Zeal and Nearpod.


Making informed decisions

A key focus of Reach is data. We seek companies bringing data to bear at all levels of educational decision-making, from the classroom to district operations. Examples of data companies include Schoolzilla, Brightbytes and Decison Science.


Connecting communities

Strong communication between parent, teacher and child is critical to a child's academic success. We are just beginning to tap the potential of how technology can amplify and enhance communication on behalf of a child's growth. Examples of communication companies include: Kaymbu, Freshgrade and Class Dojo.


Bridging the divide

As our world is changing, schools are often left behind. Technology is helping bridge this divide by bringing the real world into the classroom. Companies like Nepris, Newsela, Curriculet, and ListenCurrent are providing a direct channel into the classroom for industry professionals, current events, and NPR stories.

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